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Lost and Found

Do you think hair ever asks itself, “What am I doing hair?”

Play On Words
(me, 2002)
I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.
In the foreseeable fishbowl we’re all just floundering.
I can’t hear a thing because of all the sound.
I’m optimistically doubtful,
But gravity doesn’t get me down.
What’s the purpose of our purpose?  Why are we here?
In a life full of strife; fraught with anger and fear.
The source is a source of confusion.  A place out of place
And laced with illusions.  A song without notes, lyrics,
Or words.  A song everyone knows, but nobody’s heard.
Ever wonder about wonder?  Ever think about thought?
Ever contemplate fate and the time that Time forgot?
Ever dreamt that you’re dreaming?  Mistake whispers for screaming?
Cast out angels once misjudged as demons?
Hey, I’m only asking ’cause I don’t want to know.
Billy Shakes says it’s a play; it’s all just a show.
But if we’re just playing, then why all the fuss?
Always at the bus stop, all ways missing the bus.
Is His story History or is it my story?  It’s a mystery.
Or is He really She, or is it Us?  Maybe We?
We maybe made this.  What did we make?
Is it perfectly perfect or one big mistake?
Has it all been done efficiently or is it chaos?
If you suffer and struggle, at the end, is there a pay off?
My quest leaves me questioning.  Rhetorical, yet renowned.
I’m in favor of finding, so I guess I’m Pro-found.
Ask not what your country can do for you;
We have lawyers for that sort of thing, Jack.
They say I should think for myself. What do you think about that?
Through the fog and haze, there’s a new day’s dawn.
Will you have any regrets when this day’s gone?
Please end this dis-ease and remember to stay strong.
My added-vice is to, in always, Play On.

State of the Heart
(me, 2011)
Woe is me, woe was I.
From the ground I touch the sky.
From the place of no return,
You can come home again,
So I’ve learned.
Amazing grace was chasing me,
I’m glad it waited patiently.
Here I am, no turning back.
Face to face with what I lack.
Now a song, once background noise,
Though always there, I heard His voice.
Many signs along the way.
Took time to learn just what they say.
No roll of dice.
No guide by-chance.
My perennial partner of coincide-dance.
Lord make me an instrument,
Tell me what to do.
Caution’s been tossed to the wind,
I have utter faith in You.
Your Will be done, I really feel.
I know in time it’s all revealed.
Your gracious offer’s been accepted,
Though much regret for time neglected.
Off now are the training wheels.
Gone now are the false ideals.
The path is clear, there’s one direction.
I’m free of counterfeit affection.
The Spirit guides, I know the way.
Attention to heart is all I pay.
Forgiveness, I live this.
I promise to walk the walk.
My brothers and I are one;
I know this, it’s not just talk.
God bless the child that’s got his own,
But he who believes shall receive the throne.
All that was old is knew again.
For we need be re-minded every now and then.
Immaculate Heart, Mother Queen,
Through your son I’ve been redeemed.
Blood and water, death, rebirth.
Love it, fear it, Spirit, Earth.
The state of the heart, the initial stand,
My sacred cow: The Sacrificial Lamb.
Where we were is where we are:
Invincible vagabonds
Draped on the wake of a shooting star.
Candlelight vigilantes undeterred and unbowed.
Hollering hallelujah!
Proclaiming it loud and proud.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.
Blessed are the peacemakers:
Melody corrects malady.
Love is yours if you give it.
Love is life if you live it.
Receive this gift from The Almighty Sender.
In order to do this
You must merely surrender.


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O, sacred days, and there have been many, though none like the gift that He now has sent me.  Precious the prize my eyes now behold; embraced in my arms, in my heart and my soul.  Gratitude reigns, prior fears ephemerally fade.  For when Divinity’s clearly near one cannot be afraid.  The future seems enormous; potential beyond dreams.  The present peacefully sleeps amid tomorrow’s radiant beams.  Beauty’s boundaries broken; the word’s been ill-defined.  Before my child had Liv’d, the world was all ways blind.  Delicate elegance has graced my gilded page, to watch her and to cultivate at every cherished stage.  A sigh of sweet contentment escapes me at every turn.  Thanks was graciously given the day my baby was born.

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