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I’ve been looking forward to The Catholicism Project for a long time now and it’s finally going to be airing — just apparently not in my area.  I’m a big fan of Fr. Robert Barron and his “Word On Fire” video monologues on YouTube.  It’s hard to find someone who appreciates the wisdom of both Thomas Aquinas and Bob Dylan, but Fr. Barron speaks passionately about both of these freewheeling Christian philosophers, and does so with a thoughtful and articulate approach that’s appealing to religious and secular audiences alike.

The Catholicism Project is a series (I think twelve parts) which is going to be shown on various PBS affiliates throughout the country, with the notable exception of Massachusetts.  I’m trying not to be skeptical about it being on PBS, but it’s difficult, because the Public Broadcast Service is not exactly known for its conservative viewpoints.  Their politics generally lean to the left, and that’s putting it “conservatively.”  First the Red Sox’s epic collapse and now this.

Anyway, I’ll be hoping to catch it somewhere on TV (if not on the Internet), and I suggest you check it out in the early days of October, too, if you get the opportunity.  I never knew how addicted I could be to learning Church history, and of course world history in general.  Trying to learn world history without Catholic history is like trying to go swimming without getting wet.


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